Norwalk Police Department

Norwalk Police Department  

Norwalk, Ohio

business (419) 663-6780
fax (419) 668-0345

Detective Bureau

  Detective Sergeant Jim Fulton
  Detective Sergeant David Pigman
  Detective Sergeant Seth Fry

  The Detective Bureau ran with 3 detectives for most of 2009, as Detective Sergeant J. Fulton was moved to road patrol to cover until a new road Sergeant is named.
  In 2009 the Detective Bureau investigated 70 criminal cases and 139 drug related cases. Within those cases there were 33 arrests made from the criminal cases and 44 arrests made from the drug cases.
  They worked on 10 major cases thru out the year with many arrests being made. Cases ranged from Home Invasions to Armed Robbery to Vehicle Entries and Theft from business.
  There were 17 search warrants issued thru Norwalk Municipal Court, 5 issued thru Huron County Juvenile Court and 2 issued thru Huron County Common Pleas Court. All except 1 warrant was executed. Search warrants are often served with the assistance of the Special Response Team and K-9 Unit.