Norwalk Police Department

Norwalk Police Department  

Norwalk, Ohio

business (419) 663-6780
fax (419) 668-0345

Traffic Citations

  All traffic tickets issued by the Norwalk Police Department are processed through Norwalk Municipal Court.
  If you have received a ticket and have been cited in Norwalk Municipal Court you can opt to take one of two routes:
    First check the bottom and back of your citation and make sure the "Appearance Required" box is NOT checked by the officer. If the box is checked YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT.
    If the box is NOT checked then you may choose to do either of the following:
      If you feel that you DID commit the offense that you are charged with on the citation, you will find the amount on the back of your citation copy.
Mail the fine along with the signed guilty waiver that is on the back of your copy of the ticket to the court.
You may also pay the waiver at the court if it is open or the Police Department after hours.
You must pay with exact amount of cash or check.
      If you feel that you DID NOT commit the offense that you are being charged with or there are extenuating circumstances, on the bottom of your citation, the officer wrote in a date and time where you can appear at Norwalk Municipal Court. At that time you may enter a plea of Guilty, No Contest, or Not Guilty to the offense and have the matter set for a Pre-Trial.


*** WARNING ***

  If you do not pay the waiver BEFORE your scheduled court date or DO NOT appear on your scheduled court date, a warrant WILL BE issued for your arrest.