Norwalk Police Department

Norwalk Police Department  

Norwalk, Ohio

business (419) 663-6780
fax (419) 668-0345

Norwalk Police Department

The Norwalk Police Department has an authorized working force of up to 25 full-time officers, consisting of a Chief of Police, 3 Captains, 5 Sergeants and 16 patrol officers. The Department is complemented with up to 15 reserve officers.

The Norwalk Police Department serves this Northern Ohio community of nearly 17,000 people and roughly 8 square miles. Norwalk is the seat of Huron County, located midway between Cleveland and Toledo. The Ohio Turnpike, exit 118, located 5 miles north of town via US 250, provides direct access to the entire interstate network.

The department has a special response team "SRT", an honor guard and various other special assignments.

Norwalk Police Department has a central police and fire dispatching unit comprised of 6 full-time dispatchers.

The Norwalk Police Department is committed to serving the citizens of Norwalk. We place a strong emphasis on service to the community, training and education and community interaction. A variety of programs are scheduled throughout the year to meet public need and keep the public informed on mutual topics of interest.

Mission Statement

To enforce the law and provide quality service to the citizens of Norwalk.